Flexible Thinking for a Happier Life

Alistair Elliot

Hi and welcome to my website.

I’m guessing that you want to make a change which will more positively impact your life. Maybe you want to feel more confident, have greater clarity about what really matters to you, feel more focussed for longer or maybe have a stronger sense of yourself. Maybe you want to build better relationships or develop stronger connections with others. Whatever change you want to make, start with this question:

Are you really ready to change?

I have worked with many people looking for new ways of experiencing their world. Their feedback has been that I’ve helped them to break down problems into smaller, simpler pieces and helped them to see things more clearly. I’ve helped them to make sense of their world.

With a personable and open style I will help you create insight and understanding which will lead to clarity. You will be able to see more easily the choices available to you and then take steps in the direction you want to move in.

I want to be honest now and say that change comes because you want to make it happen. I don’t have any pixy dust to sprinkle or magic miraculous words. Change isn’t always straightforward. You may need some persistence and determination to succeed. With my support and care you will find simple and clear steps which will be practical and helpful.

If you are tired of what happens now and are ready for a new way of doing things, it’s the right time to find someone who can help you to move forward.

Call me if you are ready to make that change.

What fascinates me

We live inside the stories we tell ourselves. The stories I’m talking about are the unhelpful ones which play over and again in our head. We get hooked by them, struggle with them, try to avoid them and sometimes fight with them but still the stories hold tight.

Have you ever tried to change one only to find the story tightens its grip? We get emotionally caught up and it seems we are stuck with no way out.

Think about these questions for a moment:

What’s your struggle?

Do your stories move you toward or away from what matters to you?

How do your stories serve your life?

Do you want to change this experience?

The team sessions with Alistair have been brilliant, we are now a much closer team since we have been working with him and we now work as ONE team rather than individuals.

Tracy Parker, Director, Equinoxe

Alistair is extremely knowledgeable, personable and has a great deal to offer any organisation. I would highly recommend him.

Georgina Harrison, Development Programmes Manager, Leadership & Engagement Team, ASDA

Alistair brought a series of tools and shape to our deliberations that shaped not only what we are as a team, but what we represent in the market, and where we will set the business apart. The work is challenging whilst being fun, structured whilst being flexible, we will be regular customers.

Neil Ashworth, CEO, Collect +

The feedback we get from those that attend his sessions is truly fantastic and we have seen some remarkable changes in everyone that attends, which importantly not only benefits the individual but percolates through the business.

Neil Harvey, UK Employee Relations Manager, Tesco Distribution

Alistair has a rare skill and ability to entice the delegates to come up with the answer and teach themselves along the way. It was a fantastic two day session which everyone enjoyed and took a lot of new skills and ideas from to make them better leaders.

Jim Whitehead, General Manager, Tesco Distribution

Alistair has taken me through very simple to remember and simple to implement action plans and breathing exercises. He does away with the ‘mumbo jumbo’ and gets to the CAUSE of the matter. He then helped me to improve on my own behaviour / reactions.

Ryan Jacobz, Tesco

You are the author of your story, it’s your script and you can change your relationship with it. If you want to learn how to move forward, contact me: alistair@alistairelliott.co.uk

07754 829 799